Our Motto

Karapatan, Kalusugan, Kabuhayan!

The ANG NARS motto is based on the “KKK” acronym of Andres Bonifacio’s Katipunan, in order to instill the courage and patriotism of their organization upon all ANG NARS Advocates and Vanguards. The men and women of the Katipunan gave their lives for a greater purpose: the freedom of the Filipino people; which we now mirror in our advocacy to protect our Nurses from exploitation.

Karapatan: ANG NARS aims to protect the rights of not only all the Nurses in the Philippines, but all allied health workers as well.

Kalusugan: We advocate for providing sustainable and adequate access of healthcare to all Filipinos.

Kabuhayan: Nurses  and other health workers should not simply have employment, but their jobs should provide enough to sustain a decent salary, decent working conditions so that they can have a happy life.

Nurses’ rights as workers:

  • Right Salary according to Nursing Law
  • Complete Benefits
  • Security of Tenure
  • Right to Organization
  • Due process
  • Grievance hearing
  • Ethical recruitment
  • Respect: no physical or emotional abuse
  • Humane working conditions
  • Protection from exploitation
  • Independent Practice
  • Many others…