Ang Nars Advocacies and Agenda



  • Uphold the Dignity of Nurses and Health Workers,
  • Accessible and Quality Education
  • Good Governance


  • Primary Health Care & Reclaim Public Health Services
  • Care for the Mother, Children , Elderly & the vulnerable
  • Nursing the Environment


  • Decent Employment and Social protection
  • OFW Ethical Recruitment and Migration


  1. Penalize institutions not providing decent pay and decent to nurses.
  2. Fill up plantilla positions for nurses.
  3. Create more plantilla positions for nurses for the growing health needs of the Filipinos.
  4. Implement SG 15 of Sec. 32 of RA 9173;
  5. Nurse patient ratio of 1:12
  6. Full implementation Magna Carta of Public Health Workers;
  7. Nurse for every barangay, school and establishment.
  8. Humane and safe place of work and benefits of the nurse workers.
  9. Create mechanism and policies in private and government institutions for nurse workers in the Department of Health, DOLE and local government units.

Cooperative mobilization to attain the goals of the nurse workers together with DOH, DOLE.DBM, CSCC, non-government organizations and government organizations.