ANG NARS’ Accomplishments

Achievements & Advocacies of ANG NARS

Education Campaign

  • Social Media (Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Speakers’ Bureau (Commencement Exercises, Orientations, Seminars/Conventions in Colleges/Universities, Review Centers, Hospitals, RENAP)
  • Awareness Forums (RN Heals, Taguig 46, Leadership Trainings, Precarious Work)
  • Media Appearances (ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, DZMM, DZRH)
  • Newspaper Features (Manila Bulletin, Inquirer)
  • Public Mobilizations
    (SONA 2011, 2012, Labor Day 2012, Rape of Florence)
  • CPE Seminars on Nursing & Legal Education (January, June 2012)
  • Press Releases & Press Conferences

Surveys & Research

  • National Survey on FALSE Volunteerism Practices and Non-Accredited Nurse Training Programs in various Healthcare Institutions (2011, 2012)
  • 17,000 Signatures in Stop Nurse Exploitation Campaign

Nurse Watch Roadmap 2030 Lead
(Legal Counseling & Support for Nurses in distress)

  • ANG NARS Missions (2010, 2011, 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017)
  • Coordination with Government Offices & Lawmakers
    • Position papers on Various Nursing Issues
    • Letters to the President, Members of the Senate and House of Representatives
    • Meetings with DOH, DOLE, Commission on Human Rights, Congress and Senate Committee & Plenary Hearings

Bills & Memoranda Supported

  • DOH Memorandum 2011-0238: Termination of all “Nurse Volunteer Programs”, “Volunteer Training Programs for Nurses” and all similar or related programs, in all DOH-retained hospitals.
  • DOH Memorandum 2011-0262: Elucidation of the Conditions Fundamental to Department Memorandum 2011-0238