Through Department Order No. 182-17, DOLE has ordered the return of P2,190,828.75 by Makati Medical Center to the nurses who underwent the C.A.R.E Training Program.

As a deputized labor inspector, ANG NARS joined DOLE’s hospital inspection on April 17, 2018 to investigate the complaints of nurses who said they were required to pay P10,000 each and complete the CARE training program as a prerequisite to employment.

D.O.182-17 was created through the partnership of ANG NARS and DOLE in order to combat the many issues faced by thousands of nurses and health workers, especially False Volunteerism and False Trainings where instead of working for a proper salary, new nurses are forced to pay exorbitant training fees and work without any wages.

After months of secret investigations to different hospitals, ANG NARS can proudly say that many many of them have already closed their False Volunteerism and False Trainings programs out of fear of legal sanction.

This has led to influx of mass-hiring drives of hospitals this 2018!

Our advocacy to stop false volunteerism and false trainings has been many years in the making. We approached DOH, PRC-BON, DOLE, media, senate, filed bills in congress; and finally, we became deputized labor inspectors and filed cases at DOLE.

Now we are seeing the fruits of our labor.

Tamang Trabaho!
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