About Ang Nars Partylist

ANG NARS believes that nurses are marginalized, so it applied for accreditation as party-list in 2010 but did not succeed. It continued its advocacies and in 2013, it was accredited as ANG NARS Party-list.

The nursing profession witnessed history unfolds before their eyes… when the advocacy group ANG NARS progressed into ANG NARS Party-list that won a seat in the 16th Congress, the first Congresswoman from the nursing profession, Congresswoman Leah S. Paquiz

ANG NARS Party-list (ANP) is a sectoral party of professionals in the field of Health Care. It seeks to uplift the economic, social, professional and political welfare of the Filipino nurses to make them competent partners of the government in building a healthy nation by providing quality, safe and effective nursing care towards affordable, available and accessible healthcare services to the people. Selflessly, it also advocates for the economic rights of Community Health Workers, doctors, midwives, dentists and other health workers towards equal pay for equal work and work of equal value.